Monday, January 02, 2006

big city,little girl

After spending a nine month stint in Aspen, Colorado as an office supply store assistant. I decided to leave the snow and come to a place "where everybody knows your name", not likely, called the Big Apple. Why? Aspen is the aforementioned place, and seeing all the same faces every day kinda got to me... I relish in anonymity. That, and I wanted to stay with my boyfriend. So here I am in the big NYC, and finding a job was a hardly a breeze. So that's done, four pounds lost, or gained, who cares?..... And now I gotta pay the bills. Luckily, everything is split halfways, or I would have my little South African ass back on a plane even before I got to post this blog.
That's my situation, and what it will be.
Here's to Christmas trees that light up. I'm putting mine away in February.